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We are focused generalists acting as TRUSTED ADVISORS of our customers.

As a partner for solutions, we mutually work out a goal-oriented problem definition, taking all possible business dimensions into account. The implementation of our solution follows a systematic and holistic approach.

Focusing refers to the use of experienced consultants.

Strategy and business model development, operative matters in terms of organizational development and change management are part of the core competences of expercellence*, which are used for crucial projects ranging from restructuring to business development (look further down for a list of our specialities).

Occasionally, strategic development requires the expertise of additional specialists; depending on the case those might be business lawyers, tax experts, IT-professionals, real estate consultants, team developers or financial market players. In the interest of goal-orientation, we are a neutral partner to our customers, if a team needs to be complemented with additional experts.


We are partners for strategic and operative business development.

In close collaboration with our customers, we work on issues critical for success.

We provide implementation-oriented change management and ad interim efforts.

We can and we want to implement our ideas - You give us the right part for that in your project.


We situationally deploy further experts from our network.

We are focused and flexible thanks to our access to established specialists.

We are specialists for ...

The core competences of expercellence are in the following areas:


  • Strategy development and accretion

  • Formation, development and implementation of business models

  • Business development, market-entry, marketing

  • Business integration, post-merger integration

  • Cost-cutting and restructuring

  • Increase in profit

  • Servicing business and industrial services

  • Innovation management

  • Organizational development, organizational structure, management models

  • Process management and process-oriented management

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